1. March 2022

What makes companies successful in the long term?

Every entrepreneur and every self-employed person has certainly asked himself the questions: What makes companies successful? Which success factors play a role for companies? And what […]
21. January 2022

What is the Structure of the Business Model Canvas?

First published in 2010 by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in the book “Business Model Generation”, the concept and structure of the Business Model Canvas represents […]
16. December 2021

Qualitative Analysis Models that make your Business Strategy fit for the Future

Are you experiencing a decline in sales? Do you notice how the competition is pulling away from you? – Then it’s time to question your business […]
16. November 2021

Procedure for the Development of a Business Model

How do companies succeed in adapting their business model to changing customer needs, market and competitive situations? – And how can the Business Model Canvas help […]
16. October 2021

Innovation in the Digital Age

Long gone are the days when innovation meant that a company brought together qualified experts in research laboratories to develop new products behind closed doors. This […]
20. September 2021

Welcome to Business Model Database!

We at Business Model Database would like to regularly provide you with numerous business models from companies in a wide range of industries. In doing so, we […]